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Dalsa 新產品 3D Laser Profilers : Z-Trak L1-1000


High-Performance of Factory Calibrated 3D Laser Profilers

Z-Track series of laser profiler delivers high resolution height measurements using laser triangulation techniques. 

These ergonomically designed, compact units feature powerful FIR-peak detector and are factory calibrated for field deployment with minimal effort.

For highly reflected surfaces, blue laser lasers are often required. 

For other materials red laser are better suited.

Z-Track series model offer both red and blue laser along with Class 2 and 3 lasers. 

High quality lasers and Scheimpflug optimized optical path enables Z-Trak to produce consistent measurement across the entire field of view.

GigE Vision compliant, the Z-Trak series supports both the Teledyne DALSa software packages as well as off-the-shelf 3rd party 3D image processing packages.

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